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Welcome to Cape Fox Corporation

It is the mission of Cape Fox Corporation to grow and maintain a strong financial foundation by profitably managing financial and land resources to provide immediate and long term economic, education, and cultural benefits for shareholders.

Cape Fox News / Archives

CEO Search
Apr 03, 2014
The Cape Fox Corporation Board of Directors is in the process of hiring a new CEO to replace Michael E. Brown, who separated from the Company on February 28, 2014. Until the CEO search is complete, Mr. Bernard Green will be the interim Federal Contracting Group CEO. Headquarters operations will be headed up by David Landis in Saxman, Alaska.

Oct 29, 2013
to the newly re-elected Cape Fox Corporation directors:
Tommy Denny, Katherine Milton and Albert White.

Officers for the 2013-2014 term are:
Frederick Lauth, President; Clifford Blair, Chairman;
and Tommy Denny Secretary.

There are 9 Cape Fox Corporation Directors, each serving three-year terms.

Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) was formed as part of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971. In accordance with ANCSA, the US Federal Government gave the Alaska Natives (Eskimos, Indians, and Aleuts) 44 million acres and $962.5 million in exchange for the termination of aboriginal land claims. ANCSA led to the development of 13 regional, 4 urban, and roughly 200 Native village corporations. Cape Fox Corporation is the Alaska Native Corporation for the village of Saxman.    Read more...


Some History of the Tlingit natives of Cape Fox call themselves the Saanya Kwaan, or the "People of the Southeast Wind". They migrated from Asia across the Bering Land Bridge thousands of years ago and established a permanent village at Cape Fox in the Alexander Archipelago―a small chain of wind stripped islands off the coast of the Alaska Panhandle―53 miles southeast of Ketchikan.  Read more...

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